Nano-leather covering of the Handlex surfaces

Buy HENDLEX HANDLEX NANO LEATHER COATING PRODUCTS Price: 4500000.00 Code: LM120 Manufacture: Hendlex All (All Handelux Products). Order Now. Model: LM120

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Product description

The nano coating for the leather is designed to protect and soften the leather, refresh the color, improve the hydrophobic effect and protect against moisture and dirt. This product is odorless. Rejuvenates the surface and gives it a natural glow. Nano-cladding is suitable for car leather seats and other leather surfaces.

  Refreshes the nano surface and gives it a natural glow.
Provides water repellency.
Protects the leather surface against moisture and dirt.
Application surfaces - leather

Coverage area - 100 ml for 5–10 m, depending on the surface

Shelf life: 6 months

Coating Properties - Extracts water, oils, softens, enhances color and effect

Shelf life: 2 years