9x FS60 Handle Ceramic

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Product description

Yen is a nano-ceramic ceramic protective coating designed for cars and motorcycles. The coating can be used on painted and lacquered surfaces, plastics or metals.

9H nano-ceramic fast sealing hardness and long-lasting protective coating for car body.

Packaged under domestic gases. Guarantees 100% effectiveness.

Package Content:

Hendlex CERAMIC COAT FS60 Nano Ceramic Shield (40ml);
Microfiber cloth (2 pieces).
Application fabric;
Applying cover 2
Protective gloves (1 pair);
User Guide.

Increases the hardness of the surface.
Clears minor scratches and removes holograms.
The hydrophobic property provides a strong surface and an "easy cleaning" effect. The water contact angle is 103 degrees, so the surface remains clean.
Highlights the color and gives you more shine. Does not absorb dust;
Protects the surface from environmental impacts: acids, alkalis, road salts and UV. It also protects the surface from aging and protects it from corrosion.
This coating is resistant to temperature range from -30 ° C to +150 ° C.
Product Specifications

Application surfaces - Painted surfaces, rubber, plastics and metals

Covered area - 40ml for a medium sized car

Durability - up to 2 years depending on weather conditions

Coating Properties - Water and soil repellency, scratch resistance

Shelf life - 6 months, without bottle opening

chemical properties

Heat resistance - -30 ° C to +150 ° C

Chemical resistance - 3 <pH <12

Coating thickness -> 1000nm

Hardness - Pencil 9H

Water contact angle - 103 degrees