Ceramic car cover model CQUARTZ Carpro

Buy Product: CARPRO Ceramic Car Cover Model: CQUARTZ Price: 14370000.00 With Code: DLUX Production: CARPRO. Zakomarket Model: DLUX

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United States of America

Product description


Treat alloy wheels, worn-out plastics, and rubber with CQUARTZ DLUX to restore your rich, glossy surface and the lasting and lasting hydrophobic nanotechnology on these surfaces.

Applications like this are highly resistant to abuse, so the CQUARTZ DLUX has a thicker film than conventional CQUARTZ coatings and 50% silica content. CQUARTZ DLUX helps restore their gloss and color when using plastics and rubber and protects them from fading in the future. On colored, polished or chrome wheels, the CQUARTZ DLUX resists dust and road braking and eliminates the need for dedicated cleaners.