Mayvinci MK4 Car Body Nano Ceramic Kit

Buy: Nano Ceramic Coating Kit, Car Body, May Vinci MayVinc MK4i, Size: 50ml, Shelf Life: 36 Months, Feature: 9H, Price: 01, Submitted by: Delivery throughout Iran; Being a commodity

Place of Origin :
United Kingdom
Volume :
50 ml
shelf life :
36 month
Property :

Product description

Mk 4 is composed of Si O2 nanoparticles that are highly chemically resistant and scratch resistant, such as a ceramic membrane that provides significant protection and the appearance of wax. Particle enrichment enhances chemically related nanoparticles and shows a machine representation. The ultra-high energy level of the film increases the daily acid and acid adhesion resistance of the film and increases the cleaning results.

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