Ceramic Car Body Cover (FIX)

Buy 9H MR-FIX car body ceramic product price; 5940000.00 Code: 9 H Production: Meguiar's Iran Order Now. Model: 9H

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Product description

The car's 9H ceramic coating acts as a strong protective layer on top of its laminate, UV protection and environmental contaminants. Just cover a thin coat and make it a very hard shell on the surface of the car which makes it easy for you to clean your car without worrying about scratches. It is even better to create a beautiful glow outside your car!

Your vehicle is a big investment and you have to protect it.

Coverage only needs a single application and can take up to 2 years! Talk about value for money! It is also very functional and does not require sophisticated tools or equipment. Don't worry, dry some of the liquid on a cloth and wash it on the surface of your machine. Take 42 hours of natural drying for the best results! In addition 100% colorless ceramic coating is also non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Living in severe climates? You don't have to worry that the car's super-ceramic coating is also anti-freeze, snow and rain!