Nano Ceramic Handle Car Glass Cover

Buy Hendlex Car M3 Body Shield Ceramic Product Price; 18500000.00 With Code: M3 Production: Hendlex All PRODUCTS (All Handelux Products). Order now. Model: HA127

Product description

Hendlex Glass PRO coating has long lasting hydrophobic and oleophobic glass. During rain, it improves visibility and provides hydrophobic and "easy to clean" surface properties. It also reduces bug removal. It does not change the color of the surface and is completely invisible.


This coating makes it easy to clean windows from bugs, ice or other contaminants. At speeds above 65 km / h, wipers are almost unnecessary. Improved visibility increases road safety. In winter, the ice gets out of the window much faster and easier

Long shelf life (up to 12 months)
Better visibility in the rain;
Higher road safety;
Easier bug removal;
Do not change the surface color.
The cover is completely invisible.