DIVORTEX Ceramic Coating

Buy DIVORTEX DIVORTEX Ceramic Coating Product Price; 14000000.00 With Code: 4 X4 Production: Divortex Car CAR CARE PRODUCTS (CAR CARE PRODUCTS) ORDER NOW. Model: 4 * 4

Product description

This is appreciated for professional use. This is sufficient for single device use (45 ml).
Its strength is 9H, its thickness is 7-10 microns.
It provides a clear, rigid and smooth body shield for the car.
This is a lasting protection against the strike of a slightly drawn creator such as a bird, ultraviolet heat, light, acid rain, sunlight, corrosion, road salt.
It does not ethyl and is not worn, carved, confused, cracked.
This makes the vehicles not in the shower.
It makes the color stronger. Provides color luminosity for vehicles.